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The solution of elastodynamic problems using modified radial integration boundary element method (MRIBEM), Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 144, 482-491(2022)


In this paper, the modified radial integration boundary elements method (MRIBEM) is applied to analyze two-dimensional (2D) elastodynamic problems. The boundary and domain variables are approximated by Lagrangian shape functions and global radial basis functions (RBFs), respectively. As a key idea of this study, the domain integrals that result from implying the inertia force effect are computed by means of a modified radial integration method (MRIM). With the MRIBEM, we are able to deal with problems with concave shapes when the domain variables are approximated by global RBFs by defining an auxiliary point or, in case of complex domain shapes, two or more auxiliary points as the origin for radial integration. Two-time marching schemes, i.e. Newmark method and the Houbolt method, are implemented for the solution of governing differential equations along time. The performance of the proposed method is examined in the solution of four numerical examples.

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