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Recent Papers
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Implementation of time-weighted residual method for simulation of flexural waves in multi-span Timoshenko beams subjected to various types of external loads: from stationary loads to accelerating moving masses, Archive of Applied Mechanics Vol 92, (2022) April 2022
The solution of elastodynamic problems using modified radial integration boundary element method (MRIBEM), Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 144, 482-491(2022) September 2022
Numerical solution of water wave propagation problems over variable bathymetries using the modified radial integration boundary element method, Ocean Engineering 257 (2022) 111613 June 2022
An efficient time-space formulation for dynamic transient analyses: application to the beam assemblies subjected to moving loads and masses, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2021 April 2021
Wave propagation in two dimensional structures: An efficient solution method in time domain using exponential basis functions,Computers & Structures, 2021 January 2021
Journal Papers
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Numerical solution of scalar wave equation by the modified radial integration boundary element method, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 105, 267-278 (2019) March 2019
Inverse identification of time-harmonic loads acting on thin plates using approximated Green’s functions, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 2016 January 2016
Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Problems and the Use of Exponential Basis Functions, Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A, 67: 357–379, 2015 Winter 2015
The solution of initial-boundary value problems with non-local boundary conditions using exponential basis functions, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2015 October 2015
The solution of direct and inverse transient heat conduction problems with layered materials using exponential basis functions, International Journal of Thermal Sciences 77 (2014) 186-198 Summer 2014
A Trefftz method in space and time using exponential basis functions: Application ton direct and inverse heat conduction problems December 2013
Exponential basis functions in space and time: A meshless method for 2D time dependent problems, Journal of Computational Physics 241 (2013) 526–545 Summer 2013
Exponential basis functions in solution of static and time harmonic elastic problems in a meshless style December 2009

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